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Are they hard boiled or not?

When my daughter was little, she used to like to crack hard boiled eggs on her forehead. One of the funniest memories I have is when, you guessed it- she was cracking before I could tell her the egg was raw!  The other day I was boiling some eggs and just for fun, I added some blue food dye.  I realized that the dyed eggs were a great way to know which eggs were hard boiled and which were not. They came out a very pale shade of blue but it was just enough to differentiate. Don’t forget to add some vinegar to the water, too!

Update: this is a great idea for dyeing Easter eggs. Set up a few pots of   water with different colors in each (don’t forget the vinegar) and simply boil your eggs in the water.

Warning: If your family has a tradition of dyeing Easter eggs, you may get some resistance if you do it this way.  However, if all the egg dyeing is under your purview, it may be something fun to try.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Add eggs, water, and about 2 T vinegar to a saucepan. Bring to a rolling boil on high, then turn the heat down to med-high and set the time for 13-15 minutes. After the timer rings, drain water from pot and re-fill with cold water. Add ice or ice packs to cool the eggs down and stop the cooking process. Store in refrigerator for up to one week.


Wordles-Creativity and Word Games All in One!

Do you Wordle?  Take a peek at 

It’s  great fun, pulling word play and creativity all-in-one. It is also a terrific tool for creating  family reunion T-shirts and gifts.  I put all our family’s first names in, played around with color, design, and font and printed one out. Then I framed it. There is a new baby in the family and one due in the late summer/early fall- so I will be updating our Wordle soon.

I still haven’t quite figured out how to do a .pdf with it, although the instructions are there, I can’t quite figure it out and that’s how I should be able to put one on my blog.  Oh, well, it’s a slow learning process here but oh, so fun!

Now, once I went to instead and found some fun cryptograms to do-I enjoy those!

So, if you are a word-nut like I am, have fun with those sites!



Welcome to putterandpatter.  As I sit in my less-than-average-sized house with the beautiful summer sun pouring through the windows, I wonder….how do I introduce my blog to you?  I’ll start with the name.    I wanted to reflect the variety you will find on this blog, which is very much a reflection of me…a bit of this, a bit of that. I love conversation and chit-chat (patter) and I love to work around the house (putter).  I searched the internet for all the names I had in mind (it seems I’m not very original!), I finally landed on a name that both reflects who I am and isn’t being used by someone else.  So, there you have it! 

As for content, I plan to include bits and pieces of all the things I like. A hodgepodge of a blog with no particular purpose. Why not? That is the stuff of life! I will tell you my passions and interests: Books-I love to read and would choose a good book over any movie anyday.  I even took books on my honeymoon to read on the beach.  Words-I love words. I love their sounds, their meanings, their nuances.  My favorite games are word games.  Frugal living-I love to find a bargain but it’s only a bargain if I was going to buy it anyway!  I have said that I am not sure I would know how to live as a rich person but I can do low-income any day of the week!  Domestic Arts-love ’em!  Cooking is my favorite, I enjoy sewing, and I enjoy decorating, although you would not know that by looking at my house (it all goes to the frugal-living thing).

Politics and religion-who says you should never discuss them?  You may, occasionally, see a reference, a post, or a comment about one, the other, or both. 

Gardening-ummm….not!  You grow it and I’ll can it but I have a black thumb. However, dear hubby, the horticulture major, has agreed to answer any questions you may have about your garden, shrubs, and trees.  

So, welcome to my blog.  Bear with me, grow with me, and enjoy!  I take criticism well so any thoughts and feedback you wish to offer are welcome-just be kind.  As a former co-worker often said, “Choose Kindness”.  I like that.