Wordles-Creativity and Word Games All in One!

Do you Wordle?  Take a peek at http://www.wordle.net/ 

It’s  great fun, pulling word play and creativity all-in-one. It is also a terrific tool for creating  family reunion T-shirts and gifts.  I put all our family’s first names in, played around with color, design, and font and printed one out. Then I framed it. There is a new baby in the family and one due in the late summer/early fall- so I will be updating our Wordle soon.

I still haven’t quite figured out how to do a .pdf with it, although the instructions are there, I can’t quite figure it out and that’s how I should be able to put one on my blog.  Oh, well, it’s a slow learning process here but oh, so fun!

Now, once I went to wordles.com www.wordles.com instead and found some fun cryptograms to do-I enjoy those!

So, if you are a word-nut like I am, have fun with those sites!



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