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Buy One Get One Free Milk!

This is not a new or original idea, although I have tried it in small doses in the past.  What am I talking about? Making one dollar do the work of two, of course!

I have, on occasion, added a wee bit of water to the milk to make it stretch a bit further when needed. About a year ago, I saw a father on youtube touting this as the way to go.  Pshaw! me thinks; I’ve been doing that.  However, he said something I hadn’t thought of: whole milk and lower fat milks often cost the same.

Recently, I experimented (shhhhh!  Our family’s major milk consumer will flip if he finds out and will no longer drink it if he thinks he’s being “tricked”).

I bought a gallon of whole milk when our gallon of 2% was  almost empty.  I came home, poured out the rest of the 2% into a jar, thoroughly washed the plastic jug, and filled half of it with the whole milk.  I then ran some water through our Pur filter and finished filling each of milk jugs with purified water.  I stuck the gallon marked 2%  in front of the whole milk gallon in the fridge and didn’t say a word. ( I put the older plastic jug in front for two reasons: it had already been used once and the expiration date on it was closer, although I think I did write the new exp. date on it)

Nobody mentioned that anything tasted amiss; they simply consumed the milk.  I found out later that my husband mentioned to Younger Son that the milk was creamier.  Hahahahahahaha!  Ok, sorry. I’m not normally a tricky person but I am cheap as all get out.  By the way, I secured that gallon of whole milk for 1.99 at ALDI.  So, 1.00 per gallon for milk, folks.  Whadya think?  It can’t hurt to try!